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Monday, March 3, 2008

Fwd: [Nueces Democrats] Hegemony: Power, Culture & Ideology: Lencho Rendon: The Pi...

Monday, March 03, 2008

Hegemony: Power, Culture & Ideology: Lencho Rendon: The Pimping Out Of The President & Hillary

Hegemony: Power, Culture & Ideology: Lencho Rendon: The Pimping Out Of The President & Hillary

Former President Clinton is making yet another visit here in South Texas TODAY (the day before the election). President Clinton's visit again, is theorized to be pushed by Lencho Rendon. In fact the Caller Times alluded to L.R. Global (Lencho Rendon) coordinating this effort.

We dont know that Joe Benavides will make a better Commissioner than the incumbent

With this precinct I have not a vote however, the County Commissioners are engaged towards progress for our community as a whole.

We dont know that Joe Benavides will make a better Commissioner than the incumbent but I do know Joe was working and he volunteered out of his commitment to the community. Joe has over the years volunteered and donated his services diligently. One might argue he is only volunteering his time and services because he wants to "get elected".

I dont believe this is the case. I have known Joe for a little over two years and I know his father. In the past, Joe Benavides has run a couple of times for office but, he volunteers regardless of whether he is running or not.

Will Joe Benavides continue to volunteer if he wins?

We can only know after we vote for him.

We do know Joe Benavides' incumbent opponent was not volunteering at the Feast of Sharing.

Was she making a statement?

Is she is not worried about her challenger?

Does she not take him serious

Is this an indicator (that) she is not going to change her routine ways for her constituents as well?
We do know how she failed to represent her constituency by all indications she is not going to change it.

After a little Homework Los Kenedeno's stands firmly in support of Joe Benavides.

Our reasoning is as follows:

The voting record & social proximity of the incumbent Precinct 1 Nueces County Commissioner coupled with recent 93.5 Radio Commentarios place her in harmony with Los Mamons De La Solomons (Lencho "BND" Rendon, Terry Shamsie, Oscar Ortiz & The Nephew Mouthpiece)

We have referred to one faction of these fair weather allies (of expedience) in the past as the "Shamsie Clique" or "Shamsie Cronies". Shamsie's support stems from the Office of Congressman Solomon Ortiz and certain other witnesses to the "Capelo Deal".
(Attorney Shamsie (along with George Finley {Defense Contractor & Nueces County Hospital District}) witnessed the transaction between Former State Representative Jaime Capelo and Attorney Rene Rodriguez)

Why was Shamsie never deposed?

Why was Finley never deposed?

Hugo Berlanga groomed Capelo for the JOB.

We must recall the allegations / criminal charges brought against now Republican Hugo Berlanga in effect forcing him to vacate his State Representative seat in Austin. Currently Capelo and Berlanga are both successful lobbyists in Austin!

Now back to the "Shamsie Cronies" it is rumored and warnings have been issued! The media is being "Strong Armed" financially! Elite and Power Brokers (Powercrats) within the Democratic Party are frowning on the media who promote any other option for the Democratic primary and certainly to support an independent will bring the wrath of both Parties! They are in essence saying, "we are going to use our Incumbent resources to discourage (SQUEEZE) clients from working with your business' if you (the Media) speak negatively of Shamsie! Even if it is true.

From inside Robstown El Defenzor Newspaper writes:

Whispers have turned into shouts of discontent as the Rendon-Shamsie machine has openly sought to usurp and control all of Robstown and the northwest side.

The Hillary Clinton visit was a very clear example. Both Shamsie and Rendon orchestrated the event down Terry Shamsie Boulevard.

A Broken Promise to a child:

A little girl from our humble neighborhood of Casablanca in Robstown excitedly and anxiously awaited Senator Clinton's arrival in order to present her with flowers. This was not to be. According to eyewitnesses and the little girl's family, in a blatantly political move, Shamsie and his group TOOK THE OPPORTUNITY AWAY FROM THE LITTLE GIRL TO BESTOW FLOWERS UPON SENATOR CLINTON so Shamsie's daughter could present them to the Senator.

Does the
Precinct 1 Nueces County Commissioner (incumbent) condone this type of elitist behavior?

Did our
Precinct 1 Nueces County Commissioner stand up for this little girl?

NO, the Precinct 1 Nueces County Commissioner's acquiescence speaks volumes and validates her rubber stamp status as a Co-Opted Nueces County Commissioner.

Lencho Rendon, a once behind the scenes person for U.S. Congressman Solomon Ortiz, now is heavy handedly displaying his power and navigated the events, the media coverage and the access to the who, where and why of the Clinton visit(s).

Many in Robstown are beginning to piece together that the Clinton visit was used as a Trojan horse to begin to fully develop the seeds that have been planted during Terry Shamsie's one and only term in office where his detractors indicate he was voted in as a Democrat and was clearly a ultra conservative Republican in the way he conducted business. In some areas he cut the Nueces County Budget to the bone and in other areas such as highway work to Dos Logistics and other choice contractors' jobs were given liberally which has earned Shamsie not only a street named after him in Robstown, but also a new job as an accountant and "consultant" for the huge dollars such as the 20 million dollar school budget. Was Shamsie's disappearance temporarily from political life a farce to gain even more power? No doubt that is why the Solomonistas, Rendon and Shamsie are lavishing support upon Peggy Banales. It is well-known that Banales awarded Robstown many Nueces County tax dollars over her own constituents on the west side of Corpus Christi and the Calallen area. Lest we not forget Shamsie resides down McKenzie road in Banales' district and is whispered to have clandestine meetings there to launch the Trojan Horse. It is also known that Ruben Bonilla is angered by the votes that Banales gave on the port location and the large amount of money that Rendon and his newly minted company L.R. Global being managed by a close relative Joseph Ramirez, stand to make off the port business coming from Robstown.
As Homero Villarreal laments
When individuals like Shamsie and Rendon do not share power or opportunity and attempt to intimidate or co-opt individuals in the Hispanic community, it only saddens me all the more. It reminds me that despite 50 years of struggle for equal rights, all we are doing is replacing one white patron for another.

In this publication's concurring redirection we will rephrase: "that despite 50 years of struggle for equal rights, all we are doing is replacing one YANQUI for another.

All we can do is choose somebody else as
Precinct 1 Nueces County Commissioner.

Joe Benavides has personally vowed:

  • to bring transparency to the Nueces County Courthouse
  • to remove the door from the hinges (He Will Practice An Open Door Policy)
  • to be a short term commissioner (cleanse the Courthouse & move on to other places and do the same)

With Joe Benavides' incumbent opponent we dont have to ask her anything because we have her record to refer to.

Joe Benavides' Gives Us His Word
New leadership is vital to help make a difference in the lives of people, especially our children.
  • I will be a full-time commissioner with an open door policy.
  • I will vote against pay raises for commissioners for the next eight years.
  • I will focus on issues that affect our youth, our seniors, and our hardworking county employees.
  • I will make every effort to secure the livelihood and future of our county employees and law enforcement officers by providing cost of living raises and opportunities for advancement.
  • I will make every effort to provide Justices of the Peace with case workers who can manage and reduce the truancy epidemic in our school system.
  • I will never forget that I am a public servant and will be accountable as such to all tax payers, the true power of Nueces County.

Joe Benavides is real. He knows you all the time, whether you are rich or poor or well-known in the community. He will continue to know you after the election. If you don't know Mr. Joe by now, make it a point to meet him.

Joe Benavides is saying:

The Nueces County Commissioners are not spending our money wisely.

His opponent has had her chance, now lets give another person a chance.

will NOT give in to pressure

He is built strong and will not be pushed around or intimidated.

He didn't back down while serving in the Middle East, and won't back down if given the opportunity to serve Nueces County either.
It is a simple choice, vote for Joe or vote for the Solomonista.
by Jaime KenedeƱo

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