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Thursday, March 6, 2008

[Corpus Christi Caller Times] Dear LULAC, AGIF and all Humanitarian Advocacy ...

Dear LULAC, AGIF and all Humanitarian Advocacy Proponents,

We at Los Kenedeños have learned of serious allegations concerning the practice of euthanasia and premature babies of poor families who have no health insurance. Locally, we should pay close attention to the Ponce case, scheduled for trial in Nueces County Court at Law #1 March. Medical records and court documents indicate that at least one Corpus Christi hospital is routinely euthanatizing premature babies of poor Hispanic families who do not have health insurance (see "People Magazine" April 25, 2005 "Controversy: Grieving parents Sylvia and Manuel Ponce claim a doctor euthanized their premature baby" http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,1049168,00.html).

David Ponce, a beautiful little boy struggling to live, was given a massive lethal injection of narcotic to save the hospital money for his expensive care. Other infants who had identical medical conditions but who had insurance were not given the same injection that was used to kill David Ponce. Attorneys, including Abernathy in Corpus Christi and Scully in Dallas, have worked very hard to cover this up for almost eight years. Just ask them and you'll see what I mean.

Surely LULAC, The American GI Forum & Public Policy oppose this practice?

We place this matter in your very capable hands in preparation, please review all public
documents and make sure our presence (in numbers) and support is exuded at all hearings, trials AND IN THE PUBLIC EYE AS WELL.

It is our duty to keep the public informed and to stand up for those who cant stand up for themselves.

Tell the people "what is really going on" with their Healthcare.

Corpus Christi is, not the only place this is happening.

Posted By The Advocate to Corpus Christi Caller Times at 3/06/2008 03:26:00 AM

Kenedeno & Associates

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