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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

[Coup D' Maitre] How can you boycott a free paper?

On Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 7:31 AM, Terry Shamsie <terryshamsie@hotmail.com> wrote:

as usual. They rely on gossip to get their information. How can you boycott a free paper?

From: kingalonzoalvarezdepinedaxiii@gmail.com
To: lencho@lrglobal.net; terryshamsie@hotmail.com
Subject: Fwd: [Coup D' Maitre] El Defenzor Live Host Homero Villarreal challenges Terry Shamsie...
CC: mackdarod@yahoo.com

And we elected you as our County Leader?

OK People,...let's say adsack for instance; how does one boycott the adsack?

A: It is Simple, people refrain from buying advertising space. Here in South Texas it is customary for Campaigns to place ads in Political Publications such as El Defenzor as it has been the norm for the last decade. As for the article Nueces County Jail Delayed, why does one continue to Acquiesce.

As for the DEBATE w/ Homero, When & Where? I for one would enjoy watching the Joust.

Hell, it would have to be better than Juan Garcia vs. Seaman or even vs Todd Hunter.

BTW, Are the RISD teachers going to get paid today on time?

Thank you for your response


From: J. F. Kenedeno <kenedenonews@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 2:55 AM
Subject: [Coup D' Maitre] El Defenzor Live Host Homero Villarreal challenges Terry Shamsie...
To: Jaime Kenedeno <kingalonzoalvarezdepinedaxiii@gmail.com>

As I was winding up a productive and pleasantly long weekend and contemplated the upcoming elections, I was jolted to reality by a call which stated that Mr. Shamsie was encouraging people to boycott my paper and "not to believe" everything that was printed. The comments were made on 104.9 radio Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 7:55 p.m. on 104.9. Shamsie was a special guest of Mr. Roland Garza whom I have no quarrel unless he seeks one. I would respond IMMEDIATELY TO SHAMSIE and gladly pick up the gauntlet he has thrown down publically by asking FORMER ONE TERM JUDGE TERRY SHAMSIE for an immediate public debate and asking my bloggers to review the following:

1) Why is Terry Shamsie wanting my paper boycotted after he came to me using a carrot and/or stick to shut me up after LENCHO RENDON TRIED THE SAME THING IN MY OWN BARRIO?? Thug tactics don't work and neither does bribery. Please remember that.

2) Interesting that Terry Shamsie Rd. leads right smack dab into the fair grounds and he helped push Abel Herrero to bring that cottage industry investment home to the tune of over 90 million. It's all on the record. Coming soon.

3) Interesting Shamsie is now attacking and blasting the superindentent in Robstown who questioned building contracts, including one middle school that has not been finished. One must question that while on his one term, Shamsie and other commissioners including Peggy Banales, Oscar "Hollywood Ortiz" and even Chuck C. pumped so many dollars into Robstown while the rest of the county did not receive as special attention. Hmmm. Food for thought bloggers.

4) one marvels at why the middle school is not completed and everyone and their sister had subcontract jobs there. Azteca ring a bell?.

5) One marvels at why special contractors and subcontractors get jobs on construction jobs AND OTHERS DO NOT. PERHAPS WE SHOULD AUDIT WHO GOT THOSE JOBS UNDER SHAMSIE'S WATCH?. (see number 4 above).

6) I myself marvel at the shrills of laughter which are recorded in commissioners court regarding the 95 million dollars the taxpayers are fronting on a economic property like the fairgrounds and the whole county has to eat the cost through rising taxes and former Judge Shamsie always prided himself on frugality.
Last count I think it is losing 2 million dollars a year and while people have streets named after them the taxpayers suffer. No wonder our school and property taxes are skyrocketing. Yes I want children in Robstown to have laptops Mr. Shamsie, but I also want children IN THE WHOLE COUNTY TO HAVE THE SAME. Why are you hellbent on restructuring the school board in Robstown and are analyzing the RISD books? Who hired you?What is your end? How much are you getting paid as an accountant or "economic advisor" and what is your long term plan. Everyone knows you are a financial wizard. Hello?

7) Why is the one term judge worried about kids getting a laptop to go to school in Robstown now years after these issues could have been pressed by Judge Shamsie and why is he not concerned about kids at Wynn Seale or Cunningham as much, apparently? Why is he reviewing the RISD school records and has been hired to do so over the summer? Perhaps we should analzye the records and spending for the last 6 years minimum in Nueces County or perhaps others are doing that already. Let's pull a huge beam out of some key people's eye....

SHAMSIE: I will not be shut down, bribed, pushed around or tolerate being boycotted. The backhanded comment to not "buy the paper" and to "boycott" the paper is a way of saying don't buy El Defenzor. Just come out and say it and don't hide behind innuendo. This at least gives me comfort in one way: You are worried my friend, as well you should be. Keep talking on the radio on your show to a strong signal. My voice is growing ever clearer to not a signal but a world wide web which reaches millions, God willing.

And for those who try to characterize El Defenzor as a tabloid not based in fact, well, well, well:
Much more facts, figures and public records coming. The gauntlet has been thrown down by Mr. Shamsie and I am picking it up and challenge him to the utmost gentlemanly debate in public and on radio at his choosing, any time any place, preferably on 104.9 where a boycott was attempted. LET'S CLEAR THE AIR SHALL WE?. Even if 104.9 breaks their word again and tries to keep me off the air or delay me as they did Friday, I still have the blogs, paper and TV and when I am gone 10 more people will pick up the cause. The offer for a debate is here. Will you pick up the glove I have now thrown down? Mr. Shamsie likes quoting facts and figures: SO DO I MY FRIEND AS YOU SHALL SOON SEE AND SOME SHALL BE VERY UNPLEASANT FOR YOU AND YOUR CLICK.


Anonymous said...
I think Shamsie is about to feel the heat of a thousand suns on him. Pobresito.
September 2, 2008 12:36 AM
Anonymous said...
Ha! Not just Shamsie, the crooks in Robstown who are embroiled in all the contracts and steering millions to Robstown at the taxpayers' expense. We are here on this Labor Day weekend. To hell with that pendejo and to hell with Roland "Caga Palo" Garza too. Blast them to the stoneage, Homero. We are tired of them making millions off taxpayers. Why don't you guys go off and do some honest work and make a business that doesn't involve using bonds and making taxpayers pay it off for you and if it loses, so what? The taxpayer gets the bill and you guys made your money. Losers! Your day is coming.
September 2, 2008 12:41 AM
Yes, my bloggers, I am shocked to. I am very disappointed that my business is being blasted on radio by Shamsie in a backhanded way. he is a lawyer, he is smart enough (almost) to not say my newspaper's name but never fear, for every action their is a reaction. This is not about a duel in egos or pride, it is about righting wrongs that have been going on for far too long in Robstown. First Amendment, here we come. Please standby. Politics is one thing, but answering to the public is quite another and it is coming. In a way I am glad the battlelines have been drawn. We seek truth and many seek a buck.
September 2, 2008 12:43 AM
Anonymous said...
Ahhh, political season is here. Just remember Homer, it's politics and everyone has a family to go home too so let's not get too over the deep end with Shamsie who is a likeable enough guy, he should just keep his mouth shut instead of throwing rocks when he lives in a glasshouse.

Did he offer you Homerovillarreal Estates? LMAO!
September 2, 2008 8:34 AM
I agree we all have a family to go home to. That is why I did not appreciate all these people bringing themselves and their emissaries to my home and making threats or offering "economic incentives" for me to not publish certain stories. I thought I would let it slide but this latest attempt at injuring the cause of El Defenzor shall be met with the unbridled truth and documents to back it up. MORE TO COME.

Coup D' Maitre: Nueces County Jail Delayed
The Nueces County Jail / Federal Prisoner Removal was a Political Smear and a total Sham directed at Larry Olivarez and Mikal Watts at the expense of Nueces County

It is this Publication's objective to prove the above statement.

All submissions are posted regardless of position or standing.

Now, to the heart of the matter; the "Shamsie Tick" FKA the "Shamsie Clique" Network of Avarice and Fiscal Loophole Specialties.

Dear Mr. Shamsie,

It is ironic how you entered the Body of Christ via Robstown. You pinched and cut, denied and fired, released and demoted your supporters their families and the community they inspired to elect you. A bang up JOB you performed with fiscal expediency and without one drop of loyalty (except in the end to your cronies).

Mr. Boss of Bosses, Jefe de Jefes, or fiscal deconstructionists (creative accountant); history has proved you a frugal man however one must question the oddball choices of highballin contractors (DOS Logistics & Omega Contracting) without a bid process. It turns out they are your cronies and you knew your days were numbered. Who are they one might ask? They are: Rene Rodriguez, George Finley (CC Distributors), Jaime Capelo, Terry Shamsie, Mack Rodriguez (Rainbow Building), Oscar Ortiz, Mike Rendon, Lencho Rendon and others to be defined. This faction of Politicos, presently are working within the Solomon Machine while biding their time. In the past, this faction has attempted to undermine and overthrow Congressman Ortiz. Randy Delay works under the Blessing of Solomon Grande.

DOS Logistics & Omega Contracting Inc.-

Yet, the county is paying three times the customary rate for engineering and inspection services, according to engineers in government and private practice.Instead of assigning the county's staff engineer to handle the project, Nueces County Judge Terry Shamsie negotiated $7.6 million for engineering with Omega Contracting Inc. and $7.95 million for inspection with DOS Logistics, as the county revamps 280 miles of mostly flat, straight, narrow, non-shouldered rural roadway., Source: CCCT,

DOS Logistics' registered agent is Eric Chin and the company is based in Weslaco, according to records from the Texas Secretary of State. Corpus Christi businessman George Finley said he started the company in 1999 to pursue minority contracts and that he no longer owns it. Source: CCCT
DeLay did legal work
Randy DeLay, a Houston lawyer and lobbyist, whose brother is U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, was the company's registered agent when it was incorporated in 1999. Finley said Randy DeLay's only role with DOS Logistics was handling the legal work of incorporating the company for Finley.Last year, Shamsie and County Commissioner Oscar Ortiz unsuccessfully sought to award DeLay a $1.2 million contract to lobby on behalf of local military installations. Source: CCCT

Texas Secretary of State records indicate that Omega Contracting is based in Dallas and belongs to Luis Spinola. Spinola also owns Azteca Enterprises. Both firms are described on their Web site as contractors that seek government contracts set aside for minorities. Source: CCCT

Public Private Strategies-

Randy DeLay, owner of Public Private Strategies Consult, Inc, said he told Nueces County Judge Terry Shamsie and his assistant, Tyner Little, that his firm was withdrawing its proposal to represent the area. Source: CCCT

Last year, Shamsie and County Commissioner Oscar Ortiz unsuccessfully sought to award DeLay a $1.2 million contract to lobby on behalf of local military installations. Source: CCCT

Regional Transportation Authority Board Chairman Miguel Rendon (Lencho Rendon's Brother) said politics may be the undercurrent motivating two city councilmen who were critical this week of plans to put a rail trolley in downtown Corpus Christi.
Source: CCCT
Rendon said he suspects City Councilmen Rex Kinnison and Brent Chesney voiced opposition to the trolley because the City Council secretly did not want the RTA to renew a $120,000 contract in January with lobbyist Randy DeLay's company, Private Public Strategy Consulting. DeLay is the brother of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, a Republican from Sugar Land. Source: CCCT

The Correction Corporations of America (CCA)-

Private Prison-Industrial complex such as the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the GEO Group (formerly known as Wackenhut), Correctional Services Corporation (CSC) and Correctional Medical Services.,

The Federal Prison Lobby Bureau of Prisons-
Randy DeLay, the brother of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.), lobbied the Bureau of Prisons to send its prisoners to RCDC [Reeves County Detention Facility], at the behest of county officials. Randy DeLay isn't the only member of his family with an interest in corrections. In December, Rep. DeLay accepted a $100,000 check from the CCA for the DeLay Foundation for Kids.,

Does anybody remember the April Primary and the Robstown Private Prison Contractor (LCS) Leverage of Public Opinion that affected the election?

Political ad could alter deal
Nonetheless, the company's owners fired off statements Tuesday and Wednesday through lawyer Tonya Webber questioning why they were being pulled into the political fray and refusing to comment to "rumors or allegations that the negative campaign" had jeopardized the company's plans for the facility.
"LCS Company officials will not respond to questions regarding whether the company will change its plans to build a corrections facility in Nueces County," Webber said. "They will not make that decision until after next Tuesday's election."
Commissioner Betty Jean Longoria said it would be unfortunate if the political ad kills the project. Source: CCCT

CAMPAIGN MUD BEING SLUNG HARDCompany officials refused to comment on whether the ad has now jeopardized the plans to build the corrections facility, saying it might unfairly impact the election.
Source: CCCT
Lencho Rendon was Pete Alvarez's Political Consultant.
Source: Brownsville Herald

Lencho is allied in business with Randy Delay.

Why would the Louisiana Contractor (Robstown Federal Prison Project) side against a candidate of Lencho Rendon?

Was Lencho squeezed?

WATT were Lencho's intentions regarding Pete Alvarez?

Who wanted to eliminate Alvarez for a candidate they could or thought they could control?

Is that candidate Jimmy Rodriguez or Jim Kaelin?

Is there any truth that Kaelin is being courted (or has received campaign donations) from WATT Democrat?

WATT could Shamsie and Delay (with his Federal Lobby influence) do to affect the Federal Prisoner Removal?

DeLay's company is paid to conduct federal lobbying

Caller-Times reporter Brad Olson wrote that Randy DeLay, through his Washington connections, would have pressed for the appointment of a BRAC commissioner who would be favorably disposed to South Texas bases. Source: CCCT

RTA chairman Mike Rendon and board members Roland Barrera and Joe Benavides said they are pleased with DeLay's lobbying progress. Source: CCCT"I think his strong point is that he knows the members on the Senate and the House," Rendon said. "If you hired me as a lobbyist, I don't have the contacts that he has in the upper echelon of committee members. That is where the influence comes." Source: CCCT

WATT initiated the scrutiny was the abuse of a Political Familia from Robstown. In the past, the Nueces County Jail Conditions have never been an issue. The Jail became an issue only after the scheme to railroad $1.2 million to lobbyist Randy Delay's company Private Public Strategy Consulting was derailed.

Last year, Shamsie and County Commissioner Oscar Ortiz unsuccessfully sought to award DeLay a $1.2 million contract to lobby on behalf of local military installations.

"County Commissioner Betty Jean Longoria said Shamsie was "the driving force" behind the two contracts (DOS Logistics & Omega Contracting Inc). Shamsie recommended the two firms to the commissioners, she said.She said she was anxious to get the project moving because a majority of the roads in need of work are in her precinct and at the time she did not notice that she was never shown any qualifications for either firm, she said."
Source: CCCT

BRACC, BREAK or BROKE while sacrificing our "money maker" (the Nueces County Jail) was no longer a dilemma for a Lame Duck Nueces County Constitutional Judge (Terry already knew he wasn't coming back) to invoke the Federal Marshal's into his vendetta with Mikal Watts and Larry Olivarez. One phone call to Randy and the Bureau of Prisons went to work.

Was / is Randy Delay with the support of Solomon Grande our Nueces County insider connection to the Federal Prison Lobby?

The RCDC is a private-public partnership in more ways than one. Randy DeLay, the brother of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R–Tex.), lobbied the Bureau of Prisons to send its prisoners to RCDC, at the behest of county officials.Randy DeLay isn't the only member of his family with an interest in corrections. In December, Rep. DeLay accepted a $100,000 check from the CCA for the DeLay Foundation for Kids.

The Awards (evidenced by Larry Olivarez) and the Federal Prisoner occupancy dividend was never a problem until after the $1.2 Million to DELAY was denied.

For a fellow who conducts his business out of the glare of publicity, Randy DeLay has a way of popping up in headlines - and generating controversies - in these parts.
Source: CCCTLast May, DeLay, the lobbyist (and brother of U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay), came into the spotlight when Nueces County Judge Terry Shamsie tried (but failed) to convince his colleagues on the Commissioners Court support retaining his lobbying services. Source: CCCT

WHO wanted the Nueces County Jail to be a problem right in the middle of the County Leadership Races?

Randy DeLay was hired to help Reeves County lobby to get more federal inmates from the federal Bureau of Prisons & Reinstate employees JOBS Source: CCCT

Who crashed in during the Primary from Louisiana with concerns about the building of a Private Prison?

"I remember Lencho telling me that his ideal dream team (to help BND) would be (lobbyist) Randy DeLay, (Monterrey consult-ant) Esther Rodriguez and 'Madam Ping,'" Lasseigne said.

A Dream Team of Randy Delay Lobbying in Washington, Solomon Sr. nicely positioned on the House Arms Services Committee and his influential "friends" such as Congressman Ike Skelton, the distract and the DELAY side JOB Lobby at the Federal Bureau of Prisons / CCA / Private Prison Profiteering CON. The Daytime JOB is the Defense Contractor Ocean Shipholdings

Total Defense Contracts, 1998-2003: $1,094,875,569

Ocean Shipholdings Inc. builds, repairs and operates ocean-going marine vessels. Over the past six years, the company ranked as the Pentagon's second-largest provider of marine transportation of equipment.

Many contract dollars are classified as going to a small business or small disadvantaged business (minority-owed, etc.). Set-aside contracts are reserved for small businesses; large companies cannot compete for them.
According to records from the Texas Secretary of State. Corpus Christi businessman George Finley said he started DOS Logistics in 1999 to pursue minority contracts


Campaign Contributions

Top Recipients
Democratic Party Committees
Rep Solomon P Ortiz (D-TX)
Rep Gene Green (D-TX)
President George W Bush (R)
Rep Ike Skelton (D-MO)
Rep Richard A Gephardt (D-MO)
Republican Party Committees
Sen Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX)
Rep Ken Bentsen (D-TX)
Rep Chris Bell (D-TX)
Rep Tom DeLay (R-TX)
Rep John Culberson (R-TX)
Sen John Cornyn (R-TX)
Sen Ted Stevens (R-AK)
Rep Don Young (R-AK)
Rep Henry Bonilla (R-TX)
Rep Jerry Lewis (R-CA)
Rep Norman D Dicks (D-WA)
Rep Martin Frost (D-TX) $1,000

Rep Helen Delich Bentley (R-MD) $1,000 The Center for Public Integrity has instituted an improved methodology to compute lobbying figures in order to produce the most accurate possible totals. For up-to-date lobbying information calculated with the revised methodology please see the Center's LobbyWatch site.

With the Shamsie Dream Team, the Nueces County housing Federal Prisoners was never an issue, not even when the Mold Contamination was an issue were Federal Marshalls involved. Evidently, the Mold remains even though the Commissioners Court and Shamsie never addressed it (or did they ignore it?).

Posted By Jaime Kenedeño to Coup D' Maitre at 9/02/2008 12:22:00 PM

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