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Friday, March 14, 2008

Fwd: [Corpus Christi Caller Times] Dear Ricardo Sanchez, Roland Barrera, Esteemed ...

Dear Ricardo Sanchez, Roland Barrera, Esteemed RTA Board Members,CCREDC Executives /Members Nueces County Commissioners Court and our All American City Council.

It is inconceivable in the eyes of a little person (who labors under a heavy burden daily) that we would appoint or place individuals in positions where merit is is non-existent. The Rendon family is well represented on the RTA Board.

According to the Caller Times Article written by Jaime Powell, There also could be a third Rendon family member on the RTA board in the near future.
Furthermore, in reviewing the minutes of various RTA meetings, the name Joseph Ramirez alludes discovery. What has this individual accomplished benefiting the RTA? It is with great emphasis we recognize individuals who are meritorious, individuals who are already involved / dedicated to the RTA. You guys are very aware of who the meritorious ones are. Certainly, it is a disservice to dedication for an individual to assume such a position without earning it first.

This appointment is one of ignorance (in that it iignores the citizenry) and without question unrepresentative of Nueces County. The Rendon Family shares not with it's community; but profiteers off of it. Questionable integrity, investigation and the proximity to scandal is WATT we (the RTA) get with the unsavory appointment of the Nephew (mouthpiece) of Florencio Rendon.

Turning to other Boards within the various Political Subdivisions of Nueces County, I will point to the DMC Regents and the election of one regent (whose family member was an employee) forcing the choice of one (of the two) resigning. The employee stepped away.

Another issue with the RTA appointment process as well as most appointments is the secrecy of the process. We need to know about the available positions before we can apply. Why is the marketing non existent? Vacancies are not communicated to the average citizen and it is only confirmation of the reliance on the disengagement of the average citizen in the formulation of public policy. Why does the public have to become research experts to be informed on important issues such as this?

We at Kenedeno & Associates specialize in the "engagement of the average citizen in the formulation of public policy".

We bring the public to your doorstep.

Also, in the interest of the City of Corpus Christi, we are recommending an in depth study regarding the deterioration (to the right lane) of all city streets implemented in daily bus routes. Specifically, we are referring to the patch repair of certain areas where the climate coupled with asphalt design and exceeded load capacity from RTA Machinery has taken a heavy toll.

Your efforts and your continued integrity is applauded, respected and often taken for granted.

Thank You

Anton Haley

Posted By Jaime KenedeƱo to Corpus Christi Caller Times at 3/14/2008 01:47:00 AM

Kenedeno & Associates

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