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Monday, April 28, 2008

Fwd: [South Texas Verdad] A Grand Jury Found No Criminal Activity Associated w/ BN...

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The 21 million is a smoke screen. Where is the objectivity? Why no mention of Solomon Ortiz, Randy Delay, Ping Lee Cohen, Kenneth Cohen, Access Asia and of course the leveraging of the esteemed Chief of Staff. Would You like to buy a Rolex? JK

BND wants to get over the nonexistent bridge

Won't that happen when all of the lost money is restored and the criminals go to jail? It won't happen just because you say so.
There appears to be consent among Brownsville Navigation District board members that it's time to close the chapter into the $21 million that BND spent on a non-existent bridge.

The board met Wednesday and without discussion, unanimously voted to pay $302,561 in legal fees to three law firms regarding the litigation with James D. Dannenbaum's Houston-based Dannenbaum Engineering Corp.

BND board Chairman Martin Arambula said Thursday that the unanimous vote was indicative that board members wanted "closure."
Will people go to jail?
The Cameron County District Attorney's office will receive full cooperation in the prosecution of currently unknown parties indicted for the alleged theft of millions in pursuit of an international bridge, the Brownsville Navigation District promised Thursday.

BND chairman Martin Arambula made the promise in a written statement. It followed Wednesday's decision by a grand jury which found no criminal activity associated with BND in relation to the $21 million spent trying to secure an international bridge from the Port of Brownsville to Matamoros.

Much of the money went to Dannenbaum Engineering Corporation for services that were never received by the District, according to Cameron County DA Armando Villalobos.

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